GM Active are seeking Strategic Business Partners

We have launched a search for Strategic Business Partners who are committed to helping us achieve our vision – which is to help people across Greater Manchester live healthy, happy, and longer lives.

The Partners we select will be recruited based on the value they can bring to GM Active and our member organisations as well as ensuring they understand the commercial value of alignment with GM Active and appreciate the opportunity to support our vision and mission.

A 12-month Strategic Business Partner package costs £2,500, excluding VAT.

To find out more and discover how you can partner with us and how it could benefit your business or organisation – carry on reading below, or download our PDF.

Who are GM Active?

GM Active is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee and a collaboration of 12 leisure and community organisations from across Greater Manchester.

We are all part of the same movement, to get more people physically active and improve the health & wellbeing of our communities, as part of the City-Region’s GM Moving in Action strategy.

Together the members manage the majority of the publicly owned leisure and physical activity assets and services on behalf of the 10 local authorities across Greater Manchester.

Our vision

Our vision is to help people across Greater Manchester live healthy, happy, and longer lives.

Now we are offering the opportunity for key organisations and businesses across the UK leisure, wellness and physical activity sector to share in our vision by becoming a GM Active Strategic Business Partner.

You will be partnering with a collective that is responsible for 99 leisure and sports facilities across Greater Manchester with a combined reach of over 20 million visits every year.

We deliver over 10,000 activity session a week, support over 15,000 people with long-term conditions into an active lifestyle each year, have over 225,000 people committed to regular exercise through our health and fitness memberships, and we support over 60,000 people to learn how to swim every year.

We provide safe places for children and young people to have fun and be active, support older adults and people with long-term conditions through social prescribing and physical activity interventions and improve community cohesion by engaging people of all ages and abilities in healthy and meaningful activities every day.

What is a Strategic Business Partner?

We are looking to work with partners who can add value to GM Active and our member organisations, as well as ensuring they are committed to helping us achieve our vision.

A 12-month Strategic Business Partner package would cost £2,500, excluding VAT.

Why partner with us?

We see our partnerships as mutually beneficial relationships. By working with us to help people across Greater Manchester live healthy, happy, and longer lives your business or organisation will support us to deliver a lasting positive social impact, while we will help you to unlock benefits for your business or organisation.

We can assure you that no other partner will conflict in your business products or services provision. We will select our partnerships with care and offer category exclusivity, which means you will not share a platform with a company in the same sector. This approach will enable our partners to collaborate not only with us; but with each other.

The benefits to you

  • Virtual and face-to-face engagement with the 12 GM Active member organisations and Board Directors.
  • The opportunity to present to the GM Active Board and educate Directors on what you do and how you could help them.
  • The opportunity to give a presentation or workshop based on your expertise and skills that could be useful to GM Active organisations and staff.
  • Share the latest updates, insights, trends and case studies with GM Active and get feedback.
  • Increased brand exposure, reputation and awareness through the GM Active social media channels, as well as being listed on our strategic business partners page on the GM Active website.
  • Receive key sector insight and understanding from GM Active to help grow and develop your offering and align it with market requirements to broaden your competitive edge.
  • Use of the GM Active business partner logo to show your dedication to the sector.

What’s next?

Our partnerships will start in January 2022, and we’d like interested organisations to share with us how they can add value to GM Active and our member organisations by the 10th December 2021.

To find out more about this programme and apply to become a Strategic Business Partner, please contact.

Chris Turner, Head of Business Operations & Company Secretary at