Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles design leisure services for over-50s

GM Active partner organisation Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles are working on new leisure services for over-50s in the Wigan area as part of their ‘Strong and Balanced offer’ project.

The project is looking for local volunteers in two age groups, from 50-65 years and over-65s, who want to get involved with shaping the new leisure centre programmes and services for older people in Wigan.

Volunteers’ experiences will be combined with some of the latest scientific research on exercise and fitness in older age groups, to make sure the leisure services in the area are meeting the needs of the ageing population.

Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles will work with some of the leading researchers in the field from Manchester Metropolitan University and Glasgow Caledonian University, with a particular focus on leisure services that help older individuals to improve their sense of balance and their physical strength.

There will be sessions for middle-aged people too, and the general aim is to make sure that core strength and balance – which are not a main focus in national guidance – are not neglected in any age group.

As a result, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles hope that the changes to their leisure service will create a programme that complements existing national guidance on cardiovascular and aerobic activities, for more diverse fitness provision that is both age-specific but also age-friendly for all residents.

The Strong and Balanced offer project is due to run for the next 12 months and has been funded by the Wellcome Trust’s public engagement programme.

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