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The GM Cancer Prehab4Cancer and recovery programme is an exercise referral scheme providing the multi-modal interventions of exercise, nutritional support and wellbeing to participants. Interventions will be provided before and after treatment (in some cases during). It is designed to achieve improved clinical outcomes for people recently diagnosed with cancer by improving their fitness levels prior to their cancer treatment. By taking control and engaging in the interventions participants experience greater quality of life, enabling them to live well with and beyond cancer, especially when recovering from their cancer treatment. This programme has been designed based on the latest clinical research, with user-involvement and in consultation with local multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals from all relevant cancer pathway boards, including medical staff, Macmillan Cancer Nurse Specialists (CNSs) and relevant Allied Health Professionals (AHPs). Advice has also been sought from relevant exercise physiology experts.

Participants will be seen by GM Active fitness instructors within their local area, in local facilities, who have had specialist training in cancer rehabilitation and other relevant courses.

For more information on the programme please visit our website and follow us on Twitter @prehab4cancer

Refer someone:

Please complete the form below to refer your patient to the GM Cancer Prehab4Cancer and recovery programme, delivered by our leisure partners GM Active.

Referral inclusion criteria:

  • Cancer diagnosis (primary lung, upper gastrointestinal or colorectal),
  • 18 years old and above,
  • Offered curative treatment,
  • Deemed suitable for surgery,
  • Registered with a Greater Manchester General Practitioner,
  • Ability to access the programme either independently or with support from a carer/family member ‘buddy’,
  • Has indicated informed consent to be referred into the programme.

Referral form:

Refer Someone

A member of the GM Active team will contact your patient within 2 days (Monday to Friday) to arrange their first appointment. This appointment should be within 1 week of referral. If your patient does not hear anything from us in that time please advise them to contact 0161 778 0557 or email

Downloadable information:

Referral Information


Participant Information

All personal and confidential health information will be treated in the strictest confidence adhering to GDPR and other data regulations, stored on our secure system and shared in accordance with NHS confidentiality guidance. GM Active will be in contact with the referring team to ensure safe delivery of this programme to individual participants.



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