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Time to get active for National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day 2018 falls on Wednesday September 26th, and it’s the perfect time to get active whether you already participate in sports and fitness activities, have a lapsed pastime you’d like to get back into, or you’re keen to improve your physical health and wellbeing.

In truth, there’s never a bad time to increase your exercise levels, but many of us leave it until New Year’s, when the weather conditions and short days mean it’s easy to fall back out of the habit.

But with more hours of daylight than there are of night – at least until the autumn equinox on Sunday September 23rd – and temperatures falling from the record highs seen at the peak of summer, there are good reasons to use the coming weeks to get active.

Why late summer is perfect for exercise

It’s fair to say that for most of us, the summer of 2018 has been hot, dry and sunny – not something you can often say about Greater Manchester – and there are still likely to be some warm days ahead in August and September.

But as late summer turns into autumn, it’s a great time to enjoy some exercise. If you have kids, they’re likely to be back at school, giving you more time to yourself, and the slightly earlier evenings make for some beautiful sunsets while out for a run or brisk walk.

It should be cooler than the blistering heat wave felt across Greater Manchester in June and July too, so it’s a bit more comfortable for physical activity.

How to get active for National Fitness Day

You don’t have to attend an organised event or activity – get active on your own terms on Wednesday September 26th, as it’s all about the personal benefits of physical activity.

Some simple ideas if you’re not part of an organised activity might include:

  • A brisk walk to the shops, or to a shop further away than usual.
  • A kickabout with the kids in the park.
  • A jog, run or bike ride.
  • Simple exercises around the house, e.g. running up the stairs.

A range of organised events will also take place on National Fitness Day, including dance-offs, yoga classes, group walks and even ‘plank-offs’ to see who can hold a planking position for the longest.

The full list of organised activities will be published in the final month on the National Fitness Day Website before the date itself, so look out for what’s going on in your area, whether you’re in Greater Manchester or elsewhere across the north-west and the UK as a whole.

Host a National Fitness Day event

You can of course organise an event of your own with friends and family, in your workplace, or in your school – and make sure you register on the website so that you appear on the official list of participants.

Again, it’s up to you exactly what you organise, but a good starting point is to take an hour out of your day and pack as much physical activity into it as possible.

Our suggestions above would suit a lunchtime or evening slot well, but employers are also being urged to let staff start an hour later than usual, so they can start their day with an invigorating team jog or power walk and get their blood pumping ready for a hard day on the job.