Oldham Active

What does Oldham Active do?

The company is responsible for the management, operation and development of 6 Sports Centres/Swimming Pools and Synthetic Pitches in Oldham.

Since it was formed on 17th November 2002 Oldham Active has operated the facilities in partnership with other agencies to improve the health, well-being, and physical activity for the people of Oldham.

The management team have continued to work hard with partners to secure additional funding to improve the leisure stock within Oldham. From small beginnings Oldham Active has:

  • replaced the bowling green carpet at Oldham Sports Centre,
  • refurbished the café at Oldham Sports Centre,
  • replaced the fitness equipment at all its sites,
  • replaced the synthetic pitches at Chapel Road and Royton and Crompton,
  • significantly invested in the Saddleworth complex. Saddleworth saw £2m being invested to create a 55 station fitness suite and dance studio and three small sided 3G pitches.
  • In November 2009 the Chadderton Wellbeing Centre opened including a new swimming pool, 55 station gym and dance studio.

The annually reviewed Strategic Performance Plan (SPP) is now embedded in the culture of Oldham Active and focuses on:

  • continuous improvement in quality service delivery,
  • the need to improve the health of Oldhamers,
  • breaking down barriers in communities,
  • offering health and physical activity to target groups in the community.

Oldham Active has a Mission Statement of: “a community more active more often”

Our vision is to create an environment in which sport, active recreation and leisure are integrated into the lifestyle of all Oldham citizens, in order that community cohesion and health benefits are continually improving.

Sport, leisure and active recreational activity will be used as an essential component in supporting and developing the infrastructure of the community and to improve the quality of life both physically and mentally. We will actively work with partner organisations in order to facilitate this development through a better understanding of the issues and a sharing of resources to achieve success.

The values of our organisation will be based on the concept of continuous improvement. This will be achieved through the use of external quality recognition schemes including Investors in People and Quest for Facility Management (Based on the European Business Excellence Model).

Oldham Active will seek to provide best value in delivering services for which it is responsible. It will deliver its core themes of Health, Adult, Young People and Families, Community Cohesion, the Environment and Quality of life in a context of sustainability, accountability, flexibility and innovation.

In order to achieve this mission, representatives of the key stakeholders in Oldham Active, The Management Committee, the management, staff and partners have worked together meeting annually to create a Strategic Performance Plan on which the Company and its Employees can focus on.

We are governed strategically by a board of directors who are appointed annually. They meet six times a year including the AGM which is open to shareholders to receive the annual report, the accounts and to vote the directors onto the board.

To attend the meetings individuals are required to purchase a share. Shares are available on a non-redeemable, non-transferable preference share costing £20 and available by emailing info@ocl.co.uk .

Becoming a Member

Membership is open to anybody who is 16 or over, and who is employed by Oldham Active (employee members) or who uses Oldham Active facilities or has an interest in sport and leisure (community members). Admission to become a shareholder is agreed through an approval process undertaken by the Board.

Members can attend members meetings, receive information about Oldham Active, vote in the election of Board Members, seek nomination for serving on the Board, and take part in the other member activities which Oldham Active provides.

Oldham Active is committed to a number of things, for example carrying on its business for the benefit of the community, retaining (and not distributing) its profits, respecting the rights of people and openness in the way it conducts its affairs.

Interested in working with us?

We are actively seeking new partners, opportunities for collaboration and innovative ways of working.  We can’t do this alone. If our plans, purpose and intent chime with you, please do connect with us and be part of our transformational movement.