Trafford Leisure

Trafford Leisure is a community interest company, making it possible for the people of Trafford to have access to a broad range of sports and recreation facilities.

At Trafford Leisure, we are passionate about everyone having the opportunity to get healthy and be active.

We promote fitness and wellbeing to all age groups from toddlers to seniors across each of our facilities in the borough. Our sports programmes are accessible to every neighbourhood in Trafford. We also provide a range of exercise classes, swimming facilities and activities for people of all ages.

The Active Living programme aims to reduce falls and ill health, improve balance and overall wellbeing and increase social interaction. Trafford seniors can improve heart and hip health through a series of chair-based exercises that will assist walking and general movement in everyday life. The Workplace Wellness programme is focused on improving workplace health and wellbeing across Trafford. We provide health MOTs and wider health and wellbeing services to workplaces across the borough, empowering people to be aware of their physical health at work and to get active whenever possible.

Trafford Leisure is dedicated to improving the physical fitness and general health and wellbeing of everyone Trafford. In addition to our programmes, we provide a broad range of recreational facilities and support services to the people of Trafford.

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Interested in working with us?

We are actively seeking new partners, opportunities for collaboration and innovative ways of working.  We can’t do this alone. If our plans, purpose and intent chime with you, please do connect with us and be part of our transformational movement.