Our role in tackling a health challenge of unparalleled proportions

Britain is facing a health challenge of unparalleled proportions, according to a tsunami of reports, publications and commentaries.

They highlight the issues and make recommendations on what needs to be done to address the failing health of our population and the challenges faced for 21st century healthcare, which include:

  • A sick population getting sicker with escalating, but avoidable, chronic disease and mental health conditions.  
  • The impact of wider and commercial determinants of health. 
  • Overwhelmed and unhealthy health professionals. 
  • An unhealthy workforce impacting their wellbeing, workplace productivity and ability to work. 
  • The impact of ill-health on communities and on our society as a whole. 

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As forerunners in improving population health, the principle of coaching people to improve their health is really relevant to everyone here at GM Active. It is one of our potential strengths as opposed to the clinical model of prescribing drugs and expecting people to follow that method of treatment alone.

The UK & International Health Coaching Association (UKIHCA), as the first and leading professional body for health coaching in the world, is so deeply concerned that Britain is missing a solution that could make a huge difference in turning the tide on chronic disease, it has written a White Paper setting out the case for health coaching in creating a healthier, happier Britain.

GM Active is pioneering a pivot to active wellbeing, part of which is to encourage our workforce to bridge the gap between health and activity. And while our workforce might not become health coaches in the exact context of how UKIHCA define health coaching, we think there is a place for health coaching as they define it, within our programmes.

Find out more about our Pivot to Active Wellbeing below:

Pivot to Active WellbeingRead whitepaper here

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