Strengthening our ties with CIMSPA

Why we work with CIMSPA

We are pleased to announce that we have strengthened our affiliation with CIMSPA – the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity.

Searchers on CIMSPA’s organisation directory will now find GM Active CIC listed as an employer partner in the member and partner portal, providing a brief outline of our mission and vision.

CIMSPA is the professional development body for the UK’s sport and physical activity sector, committed to shaping a recognised and respected sector that everyone wants to be a part of.

It actively engages over 300 sport and physical activity sector organisations to create new partnerships with employers and education providers.

Mirroring those values of our own, CIMSPA’s partnerships represent a commitment to delivering high standards of professionalism, excellence and supporting the career development and prospects of our industry’s workforce.

CIMSPA’s workforce leadership has been recognised by government, national sports and education agencies, and the sector’s largest employers.

Our commitment to each other has been further strengthened by the appointment of Jon Keating, our Head of Business Operations and Company Secretary, to chair the newly created Local Skills Accountability Board (LSAB) for Greater Manchester.

A national network of LSABs is being pioneered by CIMSPA as part of its local skills delivery project. One of the first priorities will be to create a Skills Strategy and Action Plan for each area by bringing together local employers, education providers and relevant local and national partners.

The aim is to improve the conditions for, and ability of local operators to recruit, train, support and retain an inclusive, representative and skilled workforce for the physical activity and sport sector.


Clare Dunn, Associate Director, Business Engagement Partnerships at CIMSPA, says:
“CIMSPA is absolutely delighted to be strengthening our partnership with GM Active. Their commitment to supporting the professionals that work for them to develop their skills and career is an excellent example of workforce development within the sport and physical activity sector.
“We are really pleased to have Jon chairing the Local Skills Accountability Board. GM Active have been incredibly supportive of the work taking place in Greater Manchester to ensure that our sector provides the services and skills that the local community needs.” 






Speaking about his appointment, Jon says:
“This is a key element in everything we’re striving to achieve both in GM Active and by CIMSPA – and that is the development of people and evolution of the workforce.
“While it’s crucial we identify what our facilities and our people out in the community can offer, it’s just as important that we take our workforce with us on this journey. That’s why the aims of the Local Skills Accountability Board are equally as crucial.”


Jon’s appointment to the voluntary role is bolstered by the knowledge and experience he has garnered from our Pivot to Active Wellbeing – our ambitious change programme involving all local authority leisure operators across GM, evolving how local leisure centres, swimming pools, fitness facilities and services are perceived and used, and placing a bigger emphasis on mental and physical health and wellbeing as well as fitness.

And as part of the pivot, GM Active has pioneered a Transformational Leadership Programme, which is steering would-be leaders from being ‘fitness and facilities managers’ towards public health and wellbeing.

Three other key LSAB purposes that overlap with the Pivot to Active Wellbeing are to:

  • Provide an expert advisory role to the local area reflecting the area’s skills needs within the SPA (sport and physical activity) sector. 

  • Encourage local stakeholders to deliver actions in line with the local skills strategy. 

  • Better prepare the workforce of the future with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by local employers. 

Jon adds: “While we are pleased our GM Active work already reflects some of CIMSPA’s aims, there is still more to be done; and improving talent recruitment and retention and improving career pathways is right at the top of the list.”

Interested in working with us?

We are actively seeking new partners, opportunities for collaboration and innovative ways of working.  We can’t do this alone. If our plans, purpose and intent chime with you, please do connect with us and be part of our transformational movement.